Sunday, April 15, 2007

Peru: "President's popularity soars"

President's approval rating soars to over 60%
Garcia, known to have the 'gift of gab' boasts of a 61.4% approval rating.

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(LIP-jl) -- So far so good. Peruvian President Alan Garcia, considered to have been one of the worst leaders in Peruvian history due to the chaos in which he left the country after his first term (1985-1990), appears to have reinvented himself among the Peruvian population.

The latest survey released by the University of Lima's Public Opinion Group indicated that the Peruvian leader boasts of a very healthy 61.4% approval rating.

However not all was perfect for the APRA political party leader as the survey, which was administrated in the Lima-Callao metropolitan area, also revealed a 30% disapproval rating.

The survey also highlighted other key figures in Peru's often eventful political arena.

Lima city mayor Luis CastaƱeda has maintained his astronomically high approval rating of 89.3%, despite news that a congressional committee will begin an audit on the financial makeup of large projects conducted under the mayor's administration. Allegations have surfaced suggesting projects, such as the Via Expresa Grau, were grossly overcharged to the Peruvian government.
Peru's most popular politician: Lima Mayor Luis "Lucho" CastaƱeda enjoys an approval just shy of the 90% mark.

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Peruvian opposition leader Ollanta Humala received a low approval rating of 15.2%, however that was not interpreted as much of a surprise since Humala's stronghold lies outside of the Peruvian capital.

Other political figures highlighted by the survey: Prime Minister Jorge Del Castillo (44.5% approval/42.6 disapproval), Parliamentary President Mercedes Cabanillas (60.6% approval/30.9% disapproval), former presidential candidate Lourdes Flores (46.6% approval/41.8% disapproval), and former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo, who received a whopping 72.5% disapproval rating.

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